Fine cashmere – 12 STOREEZ

Fine Cashmere Care Guide

Cashmere is a soft, delicate fibre combed out by hand from mountain goats. If treated with care, cashmere garments can last a lifetime. Here are a few simple tips from our team.

  • Wash cashmere at 30°С/86°F with a liquid detergent for delicates. Do not twist or rub the garment.
  • After the wash, wrap a towel around the garment and gently wring it. Spread it out to dry in a warm room away from direct sunlight.
  • Dry the garment away from radiators and heating appliances.
  • To make cashmere smooth, use a steamer or iron with a steam setting. Do not bring these devices close to the garment.
  • After wearing your jumper all day, let it rest for 2–3 days. This will revive cashmere fibres and make the garment last longer.
  • Do not hang up cashmere as this may warp its shape. Store it neatly folded. 
  • When necessary, remove pills with a fabric shaver. To do this, spread the garment and do not press the device too much to avoid damage to the fibres.