Faux leather – 12 STOREEZ

Faux Leather Care Guide

Rich shades and unique textures — we select the finest faux leather that looks and feels as close to real leather as possible. Follow our care recommendations, and your faux leather garments will bring you joy for many years.

  • Do not wash faux leather. It doesn’t absorb moisture, so you can remove stains with a wipe or a sponge. Avoid excessive rubbing as it can damage the top layer of the material. 
  • To remove wrinkles, steam the garment on the reverse side while gently stretching the wrinkled area. Let the steamed area cool down and only then move on to the next area. Be careful to avoid water droplets on the garment.
  • Faux leather does not absorb dyes, so it may transfer colour to other items or get stained. Avoid wearing dark faux leather with light garments, and vice versa.
  • Store faux leather in a breathable or perforated garment bag. To get rid of odours, let the garment “breathe”.