French terry – 12 STOREEZ

French Terry Care Guide

French terry garments are the perfect choice for travel, laid-back days, and weekend strolls. This practical and skin-friendly material doesn’t require special care, but a few tips can help keep it durable and prevent it from fading.

  • Wash French terry on a delicate cycle in cool water, at 30°C/86°F. To keep the colours rich, use laundry gels without bleaching agents.
  • Cotton can bleed and absorb dyes from water, so remember to sort your clothes by colour. 
  • Cotton can fade if dried near a hot radiator or in direct sunlight. Dry your garments away from heaters and direct sun.
  • Sometimes French terry can shrink after washing. If this happens, iron the garment at 150°C/300°F through a damp cloth or using the steam setting. Gently stretch the fabric to return it to its original size.
  • French terry can stretch but doesn’t wrinkle easily, so it's best to store it folded on a shelf. If the garment stretches out, just wash it as usual — this will help it return to its original shape.