Knitwear – 12 STOREEZ

Knitwear Care Guide

Textured, smooth, pleasantly cooling in the summer, or embracing with warmth in the winter — every knitted piece in the 12 STOREEZ collection is designed to surround you with comfort from the very first moment you put it on. Follow these simple care instructions and keep your favourite knitwear forever.

  • Before washing, check the care label instructions. As a rule, knitwear is washed at 30°С/86°F, while more delicate items require dry cleaning.
  • For hand washing, dissolve a laundry detergent in cool water, then slowly dip the garment, and leave it for 15 minutes. Do not rub or wring out the garment as it can damage delicate fibres.
  • For machine washing, choose a setting of up to 600 rpm. Follow the care label instructions. To avoid pilling, wash the garments made from different fabrics and yarns separately and make sure the washing machine drum is only half full.
  • Give preference to liquid detergents. Do not use detergents meant for preserving colour or removing yellow stains. These contain optical brighteners which may affect the colour of your garment.
  • Dry the garment flat in a warm room, away from sunlight and heating appliances. 
  • Don’t hang up the garment after the wash: store it neatly folded to preserve its original shape. If your garment has stretched, lay it flat and thoroughly steam it.
  • Use a fabric shaver to remove pilling. Do not press it down too much to prevent any damage to the garment. Use a fabric comb for fuzzy knits made from natural yarns.
  • After wearing knitwear for a day, fold it and let it rest for 2–3 days. This will revive the fibres and help the garment last longer.