Ultralight down puffers – 12 STOREEZ

Ultralight Down Puffer Care Guide

Our ultralight vests and jackets are crafted using innovative technology: tightly interwoven, ultra-fine threads make the fabric dense enough that we don't need to use down bags. This makes the finished garment noticeably lighter, suitable for travelling, and easily packable. Here are a few tips to help your ultralight down puffer last longer.

  • Please refer to the instructions on the sewn-in label — most of our down jackets require dry cleaning with hydrocarbon solvents (F). This method doesn’t affect the fibre structure, preserving the strength and original state of the materials.
  • Before handing your garment over for dry cleaning, ensure the staff understand “F” as a “flammable solvent” — specific types of hydrocarbons, not Freon or fluorine.
  • Do not try to remove heavy stains yourself and do not rub them with a sponge or wet wipes (especially antibacterial ones), as this could damage the fabric’s protective coating and lead to staining and marks.
  • To remove minor stains at home, slightly dampen a clean white cloth with a smooth surface (not a napkin or sponge) and gently rub the affected area.
  • If your jacket gets wet in damp weather, shake it off, hang it on wide hangers, and let it dry in a warm room for 6–8 hours. To restore the down's fluffiness, give the jacket a good shake or pat it.
  • At the end of the season, fasten all zips and buttons, place the garment in a bag, and store it in your wardrobe.