Mulberry silk – 12 STOREEZ

Mulberry Silk Care Guide

Renowned as the most valuable type of silk, Mulberry silk radiates a subtle sheen in any light and has stronger and finer fibres than any of its counterparts. To preserve its natural beauty, follow these simple care tips.

  • ​​Silk is a delicate and highly valued material, so we recommend dry cleaning only. For major stains, choose gentle cleaning with hydrocarbons. Request to remove or protect buttons and zips before cleaning.
  • When ironing, do so on the reverse side at temperatures up to 110°C/230°F to prevent the fabric from fading. The silk should be dry, and the steam function on your iron should be turned off. If using a steamer, choose the setting with minimal steam flow.
  • To prevent silk from stretching, avoid wearing it for several days in a row and store it neatly folded on a shelf. Place a sachet near the garment to protect it from moths and insects.
  • Be careful with bags and accessories, as they may catch on the delicate fabric.
  • Silk garments should fit you loosely when you move or sit. This will protect the fabric from tearing at the seams.