Ramie – 12 STOREEZ

Ramie Care Guide

Ramie is a silky and breathable fabric made from nettle fibres. Ramie garments offer comfort in the heat and warmth on windy days, boasting a density and strength comparable to linen. Follow a few simple rules to ensure this material preserves its best qualities for many years.

  • Before washing, check the care instructions on the sewn-in label. If the item is washable, fasten it and turn it inside out. Use detergents free from bleaching agents, surfactants, anionic phosphates, and dyes.
  • For machine washing, choose a delicate cycle at 30°C/86°F with a spin speed of 600 rpm — this makes ironing ramie garments easier. To reduce creasing, load the machine only halfway.
  • For hand washing, dissolve the detergent in cool water and then gradually soak the garment. Avoid rubbing stains to maintain the fabric's rich and even colour.
  • After washing, shake out the garment and spread it out to dry.
  • Iron ramie while slightly damp, with steam, at a temperature of 110°C/230°F. Turn off the steam for garments that require dry cleaning: this will help keep the lining in place.
  • Remember that ramie garments should fit loosely to prevent tearing at the seams.