Heavyweight cashmere – 12 STOREEZ

Heavyweight Cashmere Care Guide

Cashmere is a soft, delicate fibre combed out by hand from mountain goats. Heavyweight cashmere needs just as much care as fine knits. Follow these simple instructions to keep them in your wardrobe for years.

  • Before washing your garment, check the care label. Dry cleaning is the best option for most heavy knits as they tend to stretch out when wet. 
  • Don't wear your cashmere garment every day. It is better to let it rest for 3 days after each wear.
  • Do not hang up cashmere as this may warp its shape. Store it neatly folded instead. 
  • Keep cashmere away from clothing and accessories with sequins, hooks, zippers, and other protruding or sharp elements.
  • When packing a suitcase, put your cashmere garments in a cotton bag.
  • The iron can damage the fibres, so we recommend using a steamer: it will refresh the garment and slightly fluff it up.
  • Avoid wearing unlined outerwear with a rough surface over cashmere.
  • Contact with other fabrics and accessories can cause pilling. To remove pills, spread the garment and use a fabric shaver or a cashmere comb. Do not press the fabric shaver too much to avoid damage to the fibres. When using a comb, move from the top down along the knitted pattern.